carlene! (clashciityrockr) wrote,

fuck you indiana.

*this is a long post....because this was a long weekend*

>Friday went to the apartment w/ all the kids. Will came with which was nice and everyone who brings smiles to my face was there. yippee! later in the night though i got sick, not from like drugs or drinking or anything, i just had an AWFUL headache, which some of you know just happens to me sometimes. so i told mike that i wanted to leave...he said he's havin a good time, so we'll leave in a couple of hours. i say ok. we leave SIX hours later. needless to say i was a little upset. shit turned out okay though, as it always does. we never fight for very long.

>Saturday we get ready to go. my plan worked well, four kids in my car goin down to indiana to see ADICA play. too bad DENIS wasn't there! BOO!!!!! so its like 2pm and we're late.... dave is showering and we're waiting to leave. so at like 3 we leave for indiana. myself, will, bob, brad, and shannon were in my car (party car) donnie, tina, dave in donnie's car, and mike, ryan, jake, and kimmy in mike's car. so we head out for a tiny little road trip. but see.... whoever printed out the directions and didn't think to bring a map is a moron (i still love you though). it's 3 by the time we leave, but we forget about the time change so we really leave at 4 to get there at 7. so we're already late. then it starts snowing. fuck this shit. we never made the show. i was pretty pissed for a while cause i spent a shit load of money on gas for what seemed to be no reason. mike skidded past a stop sign, into the middle of the road, over a median, and went the wrong way down a two lane street. fuckin scary. bad weather. bad bad bad. so since its like 9 ish, and we're already 2 hours late, we figure "fuck it lets get a hotel and get fucked up" which we did. 2 connecting rooms and a lot of drugs. me, mike, ryan, will, bob, brad, shannon, tina, donnie, dave, kimmy and jake. it was the best. i had so much fuckng fun...and was a little annoyed at the same time. some times people are so fuckin stupid. so....stupid. this weekend was crazy with emotion for mike and i. pissed and happy, upset and annoyed...not with eachother, but with the whole situation, it was a big big mess in a lot of ways, but a lot of fun too.

>Sunday we got out of the hotel by 10am, and raced everyone home. roxanne (my car) and i are unstopable team.

fun in my car:

brad throwing a HUGE cup of pop that splattered ALL over donnie's car

mooning people and "show us your boobs" "i'm not wearing any pants" signs in my windows, with brad egging people on to show us boobs, or eager to moon them w/ the pants sign.

singing breakfast at tiffanys and various other lame songs.

>when we got home like 45698345 hours before everyone else, we hung out at the aprtment smokin cigarettes and watchin movies. it was fun fun fun. and back to dekalb w/ mike and i where we stayed up all last night just talking. we have some of the most amazing conversations sometimes i cant get over it. for hours on end.

>1) next time i go anywhere with any ADICA boys i'm going to print out a set of my own directions and bring a map. 2) i had a super fun time and i'm in love with shannon. 3) drugs are fun.
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